Taking pro-active steps to assess the condition of your company assets, by regularly performing condition assessments, is key to managing risk before it becomes critical to business operations and employee safety.

With a condition assessment, assessors in the field evaluate the condition of the facility and its equipment to ensure that assets are operating according to established operational and safety guidelines. Items that are not up to standard are noted so that they can be removed or replaced before problems arise.

Main Features

  • Provide a system for field assessors verifying the condition of the facility.
  • Enable assessment procedures to take advantage of highly portable handheld devises such as mobile devices and tablet PCs.
  • Provide analysis of assessment data to aid in decision-making.
  • Focus attention on the high-priority, high-impact deficiencies.
  • Provide a system for prioritizing deficiencies.
  • Automatically generate work orders for addressing deficiencies.
  • Take advantage of classifications developed by the Construction.
  • Specifications Institute (CSI), which provide a common system of organizing facilities, infrastructure, and construction data.


Mitigate Risk and Prioritize Actions to:

  • Improve information accuracy and consistency by applying assessment standards across the organisation
  • Enable segmented and consolidated views of all projects, groups of projects, or functional area projects
  • Visualize which aspects of your facilities or infrastructure require immediate attention
  • Analyse the impact that the condition of physical assets has on achieving strategic and operational missions

Identify Deficiencies and Extend Service Life of Assets, Facilities and Infrastructure to:

  • Identify minor repair issues before they escalate to more serious problems, such as damage to adjacent assets or total component failure
  • Reduce downtime and its associated costs through the proactive identification of asset deficiencies
  • Demonstrate that suitable mitigation measures are in place to manage identified risks
  • Integrate assessment and work order management for closed-loop problem resolution

Justify Budgets and Spending by:

  • Easily preparing budgets for capital renewal, preventive maintenance, and repairs
  • Triage spending by focusing inspection on the most susceptible assets or systems
  • Comparing results from different time periods to determine a facility’s or organization’s improvement
  • Weighing the importance of your physical assets and allocate funds to the most critical areas

Reduce Administrative Costs by:

  • Integrating seamlessly with supported mobile devices to enable cost-effective inspections and reporting
  • Presenting easily compiled, complete, and defensible condition assessment findings to justify funding
  • Reducing data collection and analysis efforts by applying assessment criteria to existing ARCHIBUS asset data
  • Importing and exporting asset data and assessment values effortlessly to facilitate assessments and informed decision-making

Bespoke Services

  • Advisory and Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Change Management and Training
  • System Implementation
  • Data analytics