ALCM Digitech Case Study (1)

What is the business challenge?

The Global pandemic has compelled many businesses and individuals to adapt to new ways of doing things. As the world is starting to recover from the pandemic businesses and individuals must embrace a more flexible way of working. As a result of this shift there is a demand for solutions that enhance workplaces services and virtual ways of working.

Large Corporations want applications and tools that enhance workplace experience thus ensuring the safety of their workforce. As more workers are working from home, they want to know how much space is being utilised, track future space projections, and save on cost. Global trends urge corporations to reduce the environmental impact of their real estate portfolio by ensuring they comply with sustainable business practices.

Small businesses want solutions that promote their businesses and improve on their currents processes. They want to ensure they source affordable materials from reliable suppliers. Small businesses are looking for ways to save on maintenance costs and find ways to better mitigate risk and ensure business continuity in times of disaster.

Individuals want control over their home improvement projects to ensure that they are within budget, apps that enhance their daily activities such as booking their next doctor’s appointment from the comfort of their homes. More and more individuals expect to be able to connect their smart home devices and manage their daily activities through a smartphone app.


Our products

ACLM DigiTech offers products that are suited for today’s workforce and meets these current challenges and opportunities. Some of our product offering includes the following:

  • Through TRIRIGA ALCM Digitech offers a platform with an End-to-End Facility Management (CAFM) & Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) software that simplifies complex operations, aids cost reduction, and improves efficiencies. A single or multi-site / tenant solution for facilities of any size. The solution offers smart Facility Management with seamless integration with most ERP software, BMS software, IoT Devices. Our solution offers use of Artificial Intelligence (AI / ML) support for predictive maintenance, energy predictions, etc. The solution will be hosted on Cloud and can be accessed by Web / Mobile / Tablet platforms.
  • A doctor’s app for managing your doctor’s appointments. View and confirm appointment dates. The user has access to a database of local GPs, dentist, optometrist, to choose from. User can opt to receive reminders on their next appointment date.
  • A self-service mobile framework for initiating maintenance work requests, reserving meeting spaces, creating individual and group moves, and creating floor assessment plans.
  • HomeTech, an On-Demand Work Request Management concept, designed for homeowners to manage their home maintenance work, effectively and efficiently & Home Service Providers to minimise risk and manage their day-to-day activities effectively.
  • Our solutions bring seamless integration to other external systems such as a system that manages and collects billing info from smart meters, deeds registry system, GIS, video surveillance cameras, Experian, IoT devices, IoT data, IoT platforms, and IoT applications.


The impact on customer
  • The implementation of our products has enabled our clients to streamline and standardize processes.
  • We offer customized product demos according to our client’s pain points.
  • Our business processes are supported by technology solutions that inculcate best practices bringing about efficiency and delivery in key performance areas.
  • Mobile apps that can be used anywhere, on the go.
  • Collaborative engagements with clients to develop Proof of Concept models.
  • Ability to find efficiencies that enhance service while mitigating risk and reducing operational and occupancy costs for clients.
  • Proven technology platform for dependable results on projects, transactions, and processes.
  • COVID compliant solutions as stipulated by the government and WHO.
  • Custom solutions by industry (Financial Services, Hospitality and Retail, Medical Care, Social Housing, Manufacturing), sectors and individual needs.
  • We offer access to experienced network of business partners – IBM, Microsoft.


The Outcome
  • User-friendly dashboards built around the needs of facilities teams and space managers.
  • Software solutions that facilitate home improvement tasks.
  • A workplace experience that focuses on employee health and well-being, and keeps users safe, connected, and productive.
  • Better control on warranty information for your assets.
  • Analyse projects risks for better planning decisions.
  • Lease and Contract Management solutions.
  • Use preventative and condition-based maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Clear visibility into underutilized and overcrowded facilities managed in TRIRIGA.
  • Compliance to POPI act.
  • Customer surveys and satisfaction.
  • System implementation & integration.
  • Data mapping and migration.
  • Project management.
  • Change Management and training.
  • 24/7 Software support services

IBM Case Study (2)

What is the business challenge?

A local private education provider with a property portfolio throughout various locations in the country is looking for a system to manage their Real estate and its campus space.

A major part of the issue that the school is facing when it comes to space management is understanding the space available. The FM team does not know how much space is being utilised, their current capacity, how many students can their classrooms accommodate and how many additional classes they need.

Furthermore, some of their major areas of concern are their equipment register is decentralised at a school level, there is no standardisation across the asset portfolio. The school wants to track the assets assigned to a space.

The school has no automated way of tracking and scheduling repairs. The impact of economic stratification has an impact on which schools are built and from a marketing perspective in which locations is it affordable to build more schools.


Our solution

Our solution for the client is TRIRIGA Maintenance and Space modules. Our solution utilises a role-based access control model. The users have access to the UX perception apps for submitting self service requests.


The impact on customer

The implementation of TRIRIGA has enabled the school to streamline and standardize processes throughout the campuses. Reduced costs and turnaround for maintenance activities.

Self-service functions for reporting maintenance issues have led to better turnaround times for logged issues, tracking and effective use of resources. The implementation of TRIRIGA has enabled the school to meet its strategic goals and initiatives.


The Outcome
  • Space forecasting and planning reports.
  • A centralized asset register and space inventory.
  • The school managers can view room utilization rate.
  • Track asset insurance information.
  • Assign workspaces according to social distancing guidelines as set out by the government.
  • The system facilitates compliance to local standards and reporting requirements.
  • Monitor building and workspace occupancy.
  • The school can estimate the accuracy of the building layout and floor plans.
  • Track historical repairs and capital improvements.
  • Improved management of actual and planned costs associated with maintenance.
  • Maintenance issues are managed through proper guidelines and standards.