A Green Building in its lifecycle of design, construction, operation, and demolition reduces or eliminates negative environmental impacts and can create positive effects on the climate and natural environment.

Green Buildings preserve valuable natural resources, while Clean Buildings ensures a safe and healthy working environment free of radon, asbestos, mould, and other harmful materials.

Improving Green Building performance and obtaining a certification, will enable companies to achieve their environmental goals and manage their carbon footprint, whilst making sustainability cost effective. Building Managers who are increasingly tasked with achieving these environmental and sustainability certification scores for individual buildings or across their entire portfolio, would benefit greatly from this tool.

Main Features

  • Summarising energy consumption totals by period and streamlining the tracking over time of energy performance
  • Generating carbon footprint and hazard assessment scoreboard reports
  • Creating assessment items and service requests to locate, inspect, and update materials
  • Entering and verifying complete material information and inspection results
  • Providing a web-based platform to manage the environmental sustainability certification and recertification process
  • Clean Building applications provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that is flexible enough to adapt to any hazard scenario
  • Enables Environment Project Managers to perform top-level project planning, management, and coordination across multiple hazardous material projects


  • Aiding Facility Managers in protecting the health of building occupants, minimising organisational liability, and avoiding costly fines or possible litigation
  • Enabling government mandated compliance and reporting requirements
  • Reduction of operating costs with notable savings coming from more efficient use of utilities, resulting in decreased energy bills
  • Deflecting of costly operating shutdowns, loss of facility use, penalties, and fines as a result of hazardous material violations
  • Reducing the overall risk of exposure by minimising incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Tracking progress, evaluating payback and identifying the best practices to simplify sustainability certification and requalification initiatives

Bespoke Services

  • Advisory and Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Change Management and Training
  • System Implementation