It is essential for managing an organisation’s total cost of occupancy by determining how much space an entity has and how efficiently it is being utilised.

Space Inventory & Performance provides an integrated solution for viewing and managing an organisation’s space such as rooms, common areas, vertical penetrations, service areas and more, to ensure optimal space allocation.

Main Features

  • Viewing the space inventory depicted by standard or customised reports, for example, Department space by floor, rooms by category, to understand existing uses and possible future allocation
  • Facilities and space managers can plan for greater space efficiency by co-locating departments and identifying opportunities for consolidation
  • An accurate space inventory and the ability to capture trends and produce reports will aid in critical space management decisions such as consolidations, moves and acquisitions.
  • Space Inventory & Performance provides the central, easily accessed data repository that helps space and department managers visualise their space inventories and coordinate their efforts in future space planning
  • Available as web and mobile application for immediate access on site


  • Delivers flexible and easily accessible reporting for effective space allocation and cost control
  • Ensure accuracy of spatial data for decision-making by conducting mobile field audits as needed
  • Improves building performance
  • Tracks history of changes and enables accurate benchmarking
  • Enables paperless field surveys to make changes to the space allocations in real-time
  • Enhances design or planning capabilities to use space more efficiently
  • Increases productivity with an all-in-one home page with quick access to tasks

Bespoke Services

  • Workplace Space and Enployee Audits
  • Setting Space standard
  • Data analytics
  • Managed Services
  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Change Management and Training
  • System Implementation