With all of the power failures and water outages that have been happening around the country, who keeps track of the municipal charges? Let’s face it –  relying on any of the various government platforms that are available, is less than ideal. After all, it is the government’s poor management of these utilities which have got us in “hot water” in the first place.

The Integrated Facility Management (IFM) Platform by ALCM Technology Solutions is your answer. Supported by IBM Tririga, the IFM Platform offers some of the best-in-class features to efficiently manage capital projects, real estate, and facilities located across the globe. It also enables companies to achieve carbon reduction and decrease energy costs. Thanks to TRIRIGA, the IFM Platform is automated, and accurate reports can be pulled at any time. This Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) is guaranteed to improve the overall performance of your business.

Tririga large venue management solution.


IFM Platform has hundreds of metrics that streamline various processes within an organization. It boasts a full-featured capital project management system that enables users to communicate with the stakeholders, control projects, meet deadlines and stay within budget.

Thanks to IFM Platform, facilities can function at peak levels. You can view accounts receivable, accounts payable, submit service requests, reserve locations, equipment and vehicles, update contracts, and as mentioned previously, help keep track of various charges and costs – all within a single software platform.

There’s not much that this platform doesn’t do and we’re going to publish a series of blogs telling you all about it, but today we are going to focus on how you can keep track of your municipal charges, using the IFM Platform.


TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability

IFM Platform utilises Tririga Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES). TREES increases shareholder value and achieves environmental sustainability objectives by driving lower energy consumption and emissions and reducing the cost of managing workplace assets and operations.

Overview of the Tririga TREES Portal and some KPI’s.


The IFM Platform’s use of TREES represents the industry’s first integrated workplace management and measurement system specifically designed to collect energy consumption and emissions data for buildings. TREES provides a single, comprehensive repository of environmental data for workplace assets and operations. It enables workplace executives to increase profitability with measurement of current environmental performance, identification and evaluation of environmental opportunities with the greatest financial return and management of their implementation.


What about environmental impact?

Reduced consumption of electricity, oil, water and other resources enhances the organization’s contribution to society. The combination of cost reductions and societal contributions, reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, enabled by TREES significantly increases shareholder value. The unique ability to measure, manage and reduce the environmental impacts and costs of workplace assets and operations enables these compelling benefits of TREES.

An example of Tririga TREES environmental data.


A vital step toward the implementation of an environmental sustainability strategy requires a system that provides workplace processes and practices to reduce overall energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and cost of operations. TREES provides the critical functionality required in an IWMS to manage the real estate lifecycle savings and environmental impact of workplace assets from acquisition and construction of buildings to the day-to-day management and maintenance of buildings. In addition, TREES also provides the necessary audit trails, metrics and reports to ensure alignment and compliance with corporate environmental sustainability objectives.

Enjoy efficiently maintained and managed operations

TREES pre-defines processes to improve the energy efficiency of workplace operations and manage building retrofits to reduce carbon footprint, energy consumption and costs. Commissioning manager functionality provides embedded procedures to ensure efficient use of material, energy, and water from building retrofits to daily facility maintenance. Preventive maintenance functionality improves the overall operational efficiency of critical assets and equipment to further improve and reduce the environmental impact of workplace operations. Energy and Water Consumption Reports combined with Emissions Reports record the impact of environmental actions.

TREES is an Integrated Workplace Management Solution that gives you everything you need in one place.



When you implement TREES for your facility, you are taking the first step towards more energy efficient, financially secure and efficiently maintained workspace. Watch out for our next blog where we’ll tell you more about the capabilities of the IFM platform

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